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All ready to rumble

The participants in the Fighters of the Caribbean are all weighed. They are also ready to present the audience a nice spectacle tonight at ISC (International School of Curaçao) in Emmastad. In the main bout; Cedric Bacuna from Curacao weighed 71.8 kg and his Venezuelan opponent Jonasky Sojo scored 71.5 kg on the scale.

The weigh in took place last night, october 20th, at ’27’ in Punda. The promotors Angelo Rosalia and Stephanie Rosalia of Next Generation Warriors are giving Curaçao a great international Muay Thai kickbox & MMA event.

Results of The Official Weigh In for the 6th edition of the Fighters of the Caribbean:

MT-C Ginuwine Mercelina Kwidama (57.7 kg, 17 yr) Baas Sports Curacao vs Joey Gogulski (58.3 kg, 16 yr) Pro-Fit Curacao

MT-C Bob van Neutegem (62.5 kg, 17 yr) Pro-Fit Curacao vs Edinio Gijsberg (60.2 kg, 18 yr) Simson gym Suriname

MT-C Danny Alehandro Matos Puello (69.0 kg, 25 yr) Curacao Fighting School vs No opponent

MT-C Jonathan de Wind (68.9 kg, 28 yr) Kamakura Gym Curacao vs Boisfer Bryan (69.8 kg, 19 yr) MUAY-THAÏ GYM LAMENTIN Martinique

MT-C Chris Elliott (74.1 kg, 19 yr) Pro-Fit Curacao vs Joey Banai (74.6 kg, 21 yr) Simson gym Suriname

MT-C Arley Landburg (77.5 kg, 34 yr) Kamakura Curacao vs Raphinio Richaards (77.9 kg, 23 yr) Simson gym Suriname

MMA-AM Robin Housen (79.0 kg, 25 yr) Pro-Fit Curacao vs Dare Dave Sookhoo (79.0 kg, 30 yr) Curacao Fighting School

MMA-PRO Grego Scharbaai (71.4 kg, 23 yr) De Vechters Baas Sports Curacao vs Antonio Castillo (72.9 kg, 23 yr) Violent Gi Venezuela

MT-B Brandon Fos (67.7 kg, 23 yr) Curacao/ Days gym NL vs Angel Leonardo Curvelo Ramos (68.2 kg, 23 yr) Violentgi Venezuela

Main bout: MT-A Cedric Bacuna (71.8 kg, 40 yr) Curacao vs Jonasky Sojo La Maquina (71.5 kg, 30 yr) Violent Warriors Factory Venezuela.



Foto’s: Jacinto de Jesus


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