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International Sports Week has started

The first International Sports Week of Fundashon Desaroyo Deportivo Kòrsou (FDDK) started today, Thursday, November 16, 2023. The kick-off consisted of a conference that took place in The Movies.

The conference started this morning with the opening speech of FDDK director Vergilly Winklar. The official opening was performed by Sports Minister Sithree van Heydoorn.

In the following session, Winklare spoke again. This time about the vision, mission and strategy of the sports foundation.

Winklar’s introduction was followed by a series of speakers discussing various topics. For example, Alton Paas and Pierre Montesant spoke about Social and Cultural Social function.

Irma de Waal and Lisandro Inacio talked about the Educational function. Jeff Macolonie and Martin van der Sluis about the Economic function. The speakers Wallid Elhage and Bertiër Magdalena discussed the theme of Health and Wellness.

The first day of the FDDK International Sports Week ended with two panel discussions.

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