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Successful Boxing Gala

Saturday August 1st 2020 at Supreme Boxing Centre, the Curacao Boxing Association CuraBox organized their 3rd activity after the covid-19 lock-down and just like the other activities it was a great success again. Hard sparring bouts but with great sportsmanship.

The event started with a 14 years young girl Gisele Werth who has a lot a kickboxing experience with more than 50 fights. She is in Curacao with her family for vacation and trains during her holidays at Baas Sports. Gisele boxed with the boys Jaydon Dania and Zeno Marchena, who are both 16 years.

The 7th and last bout was between the two experienced boxers Lloyd Hinds and Leroy Breeschoten, who both demonstrated high level boxing skills. 

After this last bout all participants received a certificate from Edwin Baas, president of CuraBox, who wants to thank the referees, the timekeeper, the first aid, for the livestream, the participating teams; Attaf Fighting Factory, Baas Sports, Burnard’s H&F center, Kapap Curacao, Pro-Fit, and last but not least Supreme Boxing centre, also for the use of their location.

CuraBox is preparing for boxing competitions on September 5th and with spectators then. More info coming soon. 37

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